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Want to be an Official? We need you!
Aug 30, 2021 11:20 AM

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Make a difference for sports - officiate!

Looking to find a way to make a positive contribution to the sports in your community, while at the same time earning some additional income? The Washington Official's Association is recruiting game officials of all ages for a variety of interscholastic sports.

To find out how to become an official in your area, scan the QR or go to the WOA Home Page. Select the sport you are interested in, and then find the contact for the person located nearest you. Each association provides its own training program. You may also click on one of the links below for a specific sport.

WOA – woa-officials.com

Basketball – pnboa.org

Football – pnfoa.org

Volleyball – gsvo.org

Softball – smsua.org

Baseball –nbua.net

Soccer - wareferees.org

Aug 30, 2021 11:10 AM

Welcome to the WIAA Sea-King District 2 Website!

There are nine districts in the state of Washington and all of them will employ this same style so that you can locate information more easily. With more competitions between schools from different districts through bi- or tri-district play and through regional and state playoffs, we hope this makes it much simpler for you to find information. Enjoy the competitions; make sportsmanship a priority this year!

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